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Bell Ringers

The Bells   

The Tower contains a ring of 8 bells installed in 1977 by the Whitehall Bell Foundry .The weight of the tenor is 10¼ cwt. The metal for seven of the bells came from Immanuel Church, Streatham; the remaining bell number 3, cast from metal which may date from the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, was already in the tower.


Bell ringers wanted! Keen individuals both young (over 9 years old) and older members of the Congregation, to help bell ringing keep going.

Please contact Bede Northcote, 07971 224732 to arrange a meeting in the Tower on a Tuesday/Thursday evening to see what is involved

July 7 2019: Bell Ringing demonstration after the Family Service: For the last nine months there have been four young people learning to ring the bells. They will be hosting a short demonstration of their skills in the tower. There will be some hand bells and ringing the main bells.