A New Organ

Artists impression of the new organ

Update on build at William Drake workshop: https://www.williamdrake.co.uk/2017/11/new-organ-for-chelsea-old-church-november-2017-update/ 

Music plays a central role in the life of the church, leading worship every Sunday and supporting the many baptisms, weddings and funerals that take place every year. 

The current organ is reaching the end of its working life.  Built as part of the post-war reconstruction, it used second-hand materials and now obsolete technology. The church was advised that a new organ represented a much better long term investment than renewing the current one.

After a formal tender process, supervised by consultant Dr William McVicker, the PCC has approved a proposal for a new organ.  The proposed organ will be built by William Drake, a British company based in Devon, whose recent work includes a new organ for the OBE chapel in St Paul's Cathedral and an organ for Westminster Abbey Song School.

The new organ for Chelsea Old Church will be
specifically designed to meet all the various demands made on it.  It will not only be fully up-to-date for the 21st century, but also built in a traditional style to last hundreds of years. 

The new case is based upon an organ by the famous builder Renatus Harris, believed to have been at Chelsea Old Church in the 1700s.

Please download the 'Sponsor a pipe form' here.

Building the organ down in Drake's workshop in Devon is on schedule:

The stopper handles for the wooden pipes are given a round dowel-end to eventually fit in a hole in the stopper in the top of the pipe.

Julia is cleaning up the machine-cut pipe mouth with a chisel

Marek is applying the leather strapping to the fold hinges