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The Chelsea Anchor is the Parish Magazine of Chelsea Old Church. With only a short break, it has been in print for more than 40 years featuring articles of local historical, charitable, religious and cultural interest.

The Anchor has always been a much loved publication and a source of continuity and communication at Chelsea Old Church. It reflects the unique character of Chelsea - its artistic, literary and historical importance. As always, it serves the Chelsea Old Church community by providing relevant parish news, information and articles of interest.

The Anchor symbol is the traditional mark of the famous Chelsea Pottery Manufactory, which was situated in Lawrence Street, at the heart of the parish, from 1745 to 1784.

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Anchor’s Away

Hallie Swanson retires after 25 years as Editor of The Chelsea Anchor

The Chelsea Anchor has been part of the parish community ever since it was started by the remarkable Rev Prebendary Leighton Thomson more than half a century ago. I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of editing the magazine since 1999. It’s been a wonderful experience that I will always treasure.

The Chelsea Anchor has always been a team effort and I’d like to thank all of you who have helped me so much over the years, whether writing articles, creating beautiful illustrations, proofreading, contributing ideas or getting important information in by the deadline—without the team at Chelsea Old Church-- the Church Office and the Churchwardens-- the magazine would never have had such a smooth run.

I’m especially grateful to the following for their years of steadfast support: Penny Pocock, for her good humour, expert subediting, and wise guidance. John Watherston, for his erudite, spiritual sermons. Tim Gates for fascinating articles on many of the church monuments and various aspects of its history. The indefatigable Hazel Wirgman, whose lyrical watercolour cover illustrations are such a delight. Naomi Leveson-Gower for contributing the Family Service news and views, showcasing the talents of the children who worship here. And behind the scenes the Advertising Sales Managers make sure the church magazine pays for itself by their hard work getting local businesses to run ads. David Maddocks, Amelia Milne and most recently Sam Gordon Clark have all done a wonderful job. Our long-term advertisers, such as John D Wood, I.T. Lloyds, Kall Kwik and Worlds End Nurseries that helped keep us afloat during the pandemic. Steve and Marion Doherty and their talented design team at Kall Kwik have been the best possible printing partners, it’s been a joy to work with them.

I am deeply thankful for the extraordinary opportunity being Editor has given me-making it possible to be a close part of the Chelsea Old Church community for all these years. I truly value the friendships made during this time and look forward to contributing to the life of the church in the future.

Published in Easter 2024 Anchor Magazine

Painted underglaze blue, blue, red or purple.Chelsea of London on soft paste porcelain circa 1749 – 1756