The Church has been marrying couples since 1292. Its history and beauty make all our services special, not least weddings.

 Our most famous bridegroom to date was Henry VIII, who was apparently betrothed here - though we don't hold him up as a paragon, as he married rather a lot and had an unusual style of getting rid of his wives by beheading them! Both his daughters, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I worshipped at Chelsea Old Church, as children.

 Weddings are very popular at Chelsea Old Church . We are often booked some way ahead. What we ask at Chelsea Old Church is to please consult us immediately you are planning your wedding. Recently several couples have booked a venue and then asked about Chelsea Old Church and we could not fit them in. Come to us first!

Check out Petyt Hall on this website as a convenient and ideal location for a Reception.

For more information please contact the Parish Office.