Baptisms are very popular at Chelsea Old Church, most arising from our weekly Family Service that is justifiably famous across London .

 We do some 75 baptisms a year. They are done on two Sunday afternoons a month, each one on their own.

Please ring the Parish Office, who will talk you through the preparation and make dates etc.

 We look forward to seeing you at the Family Service which is held each Sunday at 10.00am, with the exception of the month of August.


The Church has commissioned the construction of a Paschal Candle Stand and would very much welcome contributions towards its cost of £2,650. The candle stand will be hand carved in Hertfordshire by a skilled Cabinet Maker. We expect this to be an enduring and beautiful addition to our furnishings at Chelsea Old Church.

The Paschal Candle has a long history and carries significant meaning in Christian Theology. When alight it symbolises the light of Christ’s resurrection overcoming the darkness of the tomb. The Paschal Candle is lit also during baptisms signifying new life in Christ and at funerals it reminds the family that the departed is now sharing in the life of Christ.

Should anyone wish to make a contribution towards the cost of the candle stand it would be most gratefully received and acknowledged. Please contact the Parish Office for further instructions on how to do so.