Altar and Altar Rails

These date from the 17th century and the rails comply with the regulations laid down by the Bishop of Norwich in 1663: "Neer one yarde in height, so thick with pillars that dogges may not get in".


This was originally a three-decker, dating from the 17th century, and adapted to its present form in 1908. After the bombing the present copy was made, incorporating the original vertical carving, door and Southernmost panel.

Chained Books

The only chained books in any London Church and consist of the Vinegar Bible (1717), two volumes of Foxe's Book of Martyrs (1684), a Prayer Book (1723) and Homilies (1683).


The Font dates from 1673. The marble is original, the cover a reproduction of the one destroyed in the bombing.

Ashburnham Bell

Hanging from its headstock in the Porch is the bell presented by the Hon. William Ashburnham as a thank-offering in 1679.


Present clock made by Dent, who built Big Ben, installed during rebuild. However recent research by horologist has discovered that the 1761 Edmund Howard clock, that was assumed destroyed in 1941, was present at Dent's workshop in 1958 and can be seen from 1 minute 59 seconds to 2 minutes 10 seconds in the Pathe film here


So the search is on for the Howard clock.