Petyt Hall

Is a wonderful hall to host any event; reception, dinner or drinks party, just a few steps away from Chelsea Old Church. Designed by John Simpson and Partners (who also designed the new picture gallery at Buckingham Palace), it is a classical building in concept. At the same time, it has up-to-the-minute equipment.

 It is a very elegant hall, beautifully decorated, and an excellent venue for any kind of reception, such as a wedding or cocktail party. It can also be used for lunches and for any other private or business occasion. Lectures or meetings can also be held there; it is large enough to seat approximately 80+ people. Tables and chairs can be supplied for any of these functions. A marquee can be added in the courtyard between the Church and Hall to increase the covered space for guests. 


 There is a large, restaurant standard catering kitchen in the basement, with a serving lift for food to the ground floor, with a small kitchenette, also on the ground floor. There is a ground floor lavatory for the disabled and ladies' and gents' lavatories in the basement. The Hall is air-conditioned.

 Entrance to Petyt Hall is through the Cadogan Gate at 64 Cheyne Walk beside the River Thames. Weather permitting, a splendid terrace and garden is available outside Petyt Hall.

 All this is included in the price of the hiring, which can be had, on application to the Parish Office. 

Pictures of the Hall and garden alongside and below. You will see that the Hall is laid up for a wedding reception in top picture, but of course all the tables can be cleared for a drinks party.  

For enquiries and bookings please contact Alexandra Collins via email:

The Hall set for a wedding reception

Hall cleared for drinks party

        Table laid for wedding reception

        The Hall faces the Church and this courtyard can be used for marquees to double the area for guests

The garden around the Hall